Money makeovers

Date Published:13/03/2008
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We are running our own series of money makeovers with local experts in financial planning, law and tax. A detailed report will be provided to the makeover subject that will help them to decide what they need to do in order to improve their investment returns or work out why and how much they should invest, ensure they pay as little tax as possible and also ensure that they have all of their legal affairs in order.

An amount of basic information will need to be provided to the experts. The information will vary from one makeover subject to another as the questions may differ.

Initially, the information that needs to be provided will concern basic facts and figures along with a summary of objectives or the issue causing concern.

The objectives or the issue causing concern may mean that additional information needs to be provided to the experts.

The report that is to be provided will not legally be able to provide full advice. However, the intention is that the report will provide sufficient information for the makeover subject to go to their chosen professional advisers armed with one possible solution. They will need to decide how to proceed after advice from their advisers.

The makeover will be anonymous and this is merely an exstract of a much longer report. The extracts will be chosen as they are likely to be of interest to others of you who may have similar concerns or objectives.

The first Stratfordian looking for a makeover has been selected. The topics to be considered are property ownership, Wills, how not to pay a Capital Gains Tax bill (legally of course!) and retirement planning to ensure that sufficient income is available to ensure financial independence can continue when employment ceases.

I am confident that there will be a number of other Stratfordians with similar concerns.

We will look at the right way to deal with these matters and also some strategies that really should be avoided if at all possible.

The extract of the report to ‘Leigh’, our fellow Stratfordian will be available for all to read soon.

I would urge Stratfordians not to be shy, please come forward with your questions and concerns.

You will receive the benefit of a free makeover. This type of service often costs a significant sum of hard earned cash!

In order to become a makeover subject, you will need to phone 01789 204626 or email to discuss your questions and concerns.

Finally, by the time Stratfordians are reading this, we will know the Budget announcements.

Let’s all ensure that we are well placed to take best advantage of the changes.

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